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Hey there! Nice to meet you!

Welcome to my blog! I’m Pinyu, and I’m an American high school student who aspires to be a biomedical scientist one day. On my blog, I hope to share my journey throughout high school and explore the world of science, so be sure to look out for posts about high school tips and advice, science news, and more!

Featured on the Blog…

Zoom Meeting

Feeling Lonely? How to Connect in Quarantine

During a time of global isolation, the impact of loneliness has become increasingly apparent. In fact, around 37.5 million adults in the United States live alone, which means that many of these people have had…

Girl Using Computer

6 Free Online Learning Resources for High Schoolers

Quarentine has been a great time to learn new things, and with modern technology, there are so many resources online to help students who have been impacted by the pandemic continue their education. It’s also…